Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Difference Between Bush and Romney Policy

Some months ago I sent an email to all of you asking for the difference between Bush's policies and Romney's. The response was a deafening silence.

In the debate, when asked to differentiate himself from Bush, Romney's first item was energy policy. Romney wants to do a lot of drilling for oil. Bush was all for a lot of drilling for oil. I can't tell the difference either. I'm sure there are some somewhere, but I don't see any big ones. The similarities, however, are quite striking. Among other things, both favor:

  • Lower tax rates
  • Higher military expenditures
  • Reduced regulation
  • A bellicose, go-it-alone foreign policy

    The results of the Bush years are important to remember. They included:

  • Massive failure of the economy
  • Massive failure to control government finances (went from a balanced budget to a deficit of well over a trillion dollars)
  • Failure to win in Iraq
  • Failure to win in Afghanistan
  • Failure, in seven years of trying, to kill bin Laden
  • Failure to slow or stop Iran's nuclear program

    Romney advocates many, if not most, of the same policies as Bush. Why would you expect substantially different results from a Ronmey presidency?

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