Saturday, May 19, 2012

Romney Lies Again, or Worse

Five eyewitnesses and participants say that as an upper classman at his prep school, Mitt Romney led a 'posse' of kids to tackle, pin down, and then cut a younger classmate's hair as he screamed for help. Romney says he can't remember the incident. Here's why I think he's lying:
  • The five eyewitnesses remember it very vividly. Some deeply and frequently regret their part in it. One of them ran into the victim 30 years later and apologized.
  • I got in a few fights as a kid, the last in eighth grade. I can remember nearly every detail of every one. Who struck first, where the blows landed, the expression on their face, everything. Romney was nearly an adult at the time, I was in grade school.
  • It is politically incredibly convenient not to remember. It avoids having to answer a barrage of acutely uncomfortable and politically damaging questions.

    But what if I'm wrong, what if he really doesn't remember? What could that mean? I can only think of two possibilities:

  • That cruelty meant so little to him that he can't even remember it.
  • He did stuff like this so often he can't remember this particular incident.

    Either way, that's worse.

    Most likely, he's just a liar.