Sunday, September 18, 2011

Class Warfare!!!!

President Obama had the gall to ask Americans earning over $1 million a year to pay the same tax rate as the middle class!!! Rep. Paul Fryem' immediately called it what it is: class warfare. Soon, bodies will be bleeding in the street! Imagine the horrible effects of hedge fund managers and Wall Street tycoons paying the same tax rate as firemen, engineers, and -- gasp -- teachers!!! Soon heart rending stories like these will fill the newspapers:

-- I. M. Rich was forced to sell his French castle today, a victim of class warfare. He's left with only a Chateau in France, ten mansions in the states, and a few odds and ends in Italy. "My wife will be devastated," Mr. Rich said, pushing through tears, "we spent several days there only five years ago."

-- Hedge fund manager Dewey Cheetem, now paying the same tax rate as his gardener and secretary, was forced to let go of one of his three Rolls Royces -- but managed to keep the rest of his 20 luxury automobiles, thank goodness. "Obama is a heartless ogre," Mr. Cheetum exclaimed, "the red one was my favorite, but it had to go."

-- Thousands of families, struggling to get by on barely seven figure incomes, are cutting back. One wealthy wife was observed wearing the same $20,000 gown to two completely different events!! People have shifted from private jets to the ghastly grime of mere first class. The horror!!

Not content with these body blows to the poor, defenseless, fabulously wealthy, Obama is also going after the 3.9% tax break the richest (and therefor best) Americans have enjoyed for the last decade. While we need the revenue to balance the budget, there is a better way. A tax of only 50% on the income of the poorest half of all Americans would generate the same revenue.

It's important to remember that the Ottoman Empire did not tax the rich at all! All taxes were payed by the peasants and shop keepers. America has a $15 trillion debt to pay off, wouldn't it be better if the rich were exempt from the onerous burden of paying a share of this debt, wouldn't it be better if the 'little people' took responsibility?