Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama Waxes Osama

You are reading this because I've seen the Right try to pretend Obama, along with the SEALs, doesn't deserve the bulk of the credit for killing Osama bin Laden. They claim 'Bush era policies' should get the credit. However, it's no accident Obama did in two years what Bush failed to do in seven. Consider:
1. For most of his time in office, Bush focused attention and resources on Iraq, where bin Laden wasn't. For example, Bush publicly expressed disinterest in Osama as early as 2002 and disbanded the CIA bin Laden unit in 2005.
2. Since taking office, Obama has focused attention and resources on Afghanistan and Pakistan, where bin Laden was. For example, he tripled US troops in Afghanistan and vastly increased drone strikes in Pakistan.
3. Shortly after the inauguration, Obama ordered the CIA to make killing bin Laden their absolute number one, top priority in the war on al Qaeda.
4. As a result, they found Osama, President Barack Hussein Obama ordered forces under his command to kill him, and they did.