Friday, November 26, 2010

Protect Your Country and Save Money: Contact Your Sentator

Russia has thousands of nuclear warheads that can reach America in an hour or so. If they are launched, for whatever reason, even a simple mistake, America will be destroyed. Al Qaeda can do damage, Russia can kill most Americans in hours. Fortunately, we can substantially reduce that threat and save money at the same time.

Following in Reagan's footsteps, President Obama recently signed a new START treaty with Russia. Like the previous START treaty, this will

  • Substantially reduce the number of Russian warheads that can reach America.
  • Put American inspectors on the ground in Russia to make sure the treaty is observed.
  • Reduce the number of American warheads we have to pay for, leaving 1,550 -- more than enough to deter any aggressor.

This treaty is a complete no brainer. It increases America's security and saves money. Opposition is limited to those who don't understand the facts and those playing stupid political games with our survival.

To go into effect, the Senate must vote for the treaty. Contact your Senators today and urge them to do so.

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