Sunday, October 24, 2010

What has the Democratic Congress Done?

One can argue that this Democratic controlled Congress has done the wrong thing, but if you know the facts you sure can not argue that they haven't been hard at work. Consider this very partial list of legislation passed:
  • The first comprehensive health care bill ever.
  • Credit card reform protecting the consumer.
  • Financial market reform.
  • The largest middle-class tax cut in history.
  • The largest investment in green energy in history.
  • Making college loans more affordable.
  • The Cash for Clunkers program to help the auto industry.
  • Making it easier for women to challenge pay discrimination.
  • Increasing federal regulation of tobacco products.
  • Cracking down on waste in Pentagon weapons acquisition.
  • Reform of the ITAR trade regulations making US aerospace corporations more competitive.
  • Funding for the first private, commercial human space launchers.
  • Making attacks based on sexual orientation a federal hate crime.
  • Giving businesses tax incentives to hire unemployed workers.
  • Tax credits for first-time homeowners.

    They also passed legislation to reverse massive job losses and forestal another Great Depression. All this in the face of literally hundreds of Republican filibusters.

    If you think this work took the country in the wrong direction, if you liked where we were going before Obama became president, then vote for Republicans. They say they haven't changed and I'm sure they haven't. If you think the legislation of the last two years is headed in more-or-less the right direction, then vote for Democrats, you'll probably get more along these same lines. Otherwise, expect a hard right turn.

    I would have liked more here or there, but by and large I think the Democrats have taken us in the right direction, and we should keep going.

    I coach youth soccer. When the kids are playing defense I tell them: don't give up. If you don't get the ball right away, keep after it. To those angry that in two years the Democrats have not fixed all the ills they inherited, I say the same thing. Don't give up. The second thing I tell my soccer team is trust your team mates. Even if they lose the ball, keep passing to them. When times get tough, there is a tendency to turn on your friends and allies. This is a mistake. Don't be a fool, support your friends and go after your opponents. If your favorite legislation didn't pass, don't attack the people that voted for it, attack the people that voted against it.

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