Monday, October 13, 2008

Who is Obama?

Who is Obama?
  • An extremely intelligent yet decidedly practical man.
  • A professor of constitutional law.
  • The author of two best selling books.
  • The first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review.
  • A self made man, who got where he is by his own efforts, his family having no money or influence.
  • A guy who made the right call on Iraq from the very beginning.
  • A family man.
  • A guy who gave up a high paying job to organize poor people in Chicago for peanuts.
  • A terrific speaker.
  • A champion of the middle class.
  • A steady hand in turbulent times.
  • A guy who can sink 3-pointers consistently.
  • A brilliant campaigner -- even his opponents speak with admiration of his organization, which he created from scratch.
  • The most successful fund raiser in modern times, without taking money from PACs or lobbyists. Most of his money comes from those with modest means.
  • A leader with a global strategic vision.
  • A counter-puncher, he rarely strikes first, but often strikes hard.
  • A masterful consensus builder who has repeatedly crafted controversial legislation to gather support from both sides of the debate.
  • A man with first hand knowledge of Islamic society, gathered on the school yards of Indonesia. This is a major benefit for the war with al Qaeda.
  • The guy who beat the legendary Clinton machine with the Democratic establishment behind it, and who is well ahead running against the vaunted Republican attack machine.
  • A man who can see all sides of an issue, and who seeks the council of those who disagree to make sure he finds the truth.
  • A master of the internet political campaign.
  • A rationalist.

    But most of all, a great American and Human Being.

    America has been fortunate in its leaders. George Washington didn't become King. Thomas Jefferson went ahead with the Louisiana Purchase. Abraham Lincoln, with practically no experience, kept the Union together. FDR led us through the Great Depression then defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in four short years. I don't know if Barack Obama is in their league, but he might be. I hope we have the wisdom to choose him.

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