Sunday, August 10, 2008

Who's the Lightweight?

In recent weeks McCain has accused Obama of being a celebrity with little or no substance. Let's examine that claim:
  • In 1990, Obama was elected editor of the Harvard Law Review beating out 18 other top notch Harvard students (1).
  • Obama gave up a high-paying corporate job to work for peanuts organizing poor people on the south side of Chicago.
  • Obama has written two best selling books, one about his life and another about his political philosophy (2)
  • Obama writes many, if not most, of his own speeches (3).
  • Obama grew up without much money, no powerful relatives (4), and his wife's family was strictly middle class (5).
  • Obama made the right call on Iraq from the very beginning (6).
  • Obama got into the best schools in the country, including Harvard, strictly on merit.

    This is not the biography of a lightweight. This is the biography of a self-made man who succeeded through hard work and talent.


    (1) John McCain, by contrast, was fifth from the bottom in a class of over 800 at Annapolis [reference].

    (2) John McCain's book "Faith of My Fathers," was co-written by Mark Salter. You can bet Salter did most of the actual writing.

    (3) Both of the Republican candidates have their speeches written by others.

    (4) McCain's father and grandfather were admirals, which may explain why he kept flying after losing four military aircraft in accidents -- one by flying so low he snagged power lines.

    (5) McCain's second wife was worth about $100 million when he married her.

    (6) I've seen video of John McCain predicting easy victory in Iraq.

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